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Amazon Associates Phone Verification Issues

Amazon Associates Phone Verification Issues

A lot of our users are having issues with the phone verification process whilst signing up for Amazon Affiliates.

If you are seeing this image then read on.

No matter how much you keep clicking “Call Me Now” it just goes back to that screen.

We have done some testing and it seems that the system is having issues with non US mobile phone numbers and also although as a norm if you change the area code to your area code you would leave the 0 (zero) out of the number. But not on Amazon that would be to simple.

So lets presume you are from the UK so you would alter the drop down area code to +44

Now normally you would omit the 0(zero) because the +44 deals with that and add the rest of your number like this:

But if you do that you will end up back at the top image so to continue with the Amazon phone verification process add your number with the 0 (zero) at that start like this:

Click the “Call Me Now” and a new little box will appear with a 4 digit number you enter in to your phone handset when the automated Amazon Guy phones


Hope the above solves your issue.

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