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Amazon Affiliate -Tips on Affiliate Websites 2019

Hi I’m Mark from Amazon Income and I am going to share with you the best way of creating a successful Amazon Affiliate website

I shall be treating you like a complete novice so please fell free to skip a little if it seems I’m trying to “teach a dog old tricks”.

I will presume that you being on this page means one of two things. A/ Thinking of starting an Amazon Affiliate website. B/ Have started but are stuck.

First off while you can make considerable amounts of income via affiliate marketing you should never think of it as a get rich quick scheme because that it certainly is not!

Table of Contents:

1/ What is an Amazon affiliate website and how do they work

2/ Getting up and running

3/ Tips for success 


1/ What is an Amazon affiliate website and how do they work?

Simply put an affiliate website is a site that you own that promotes someone else’s products via affiliate codes where by you will earn a commission or fee for sales generated from your site.

It gets a little more in depth than the above statement but for the purposes of Amazon that is all you need to know. The Amazon affiliate programme works on a commission based system that varies per category. So before you chose your niche ( more on niche’s later on ). You may wish to check out the commission rates first and I have added an image of the current rates for you to take a look at.

Amazon Affiliate Commission Structure

Please note however that these commission rates are correct at the time of this publication. Please check for your self for any updates by using this link

As you can see from the above image the rates paid vary quite a bit from 0.00% right up to 10.00%.  Whilst it is not a life and death decision on what type of products you wish to advertise it is part of the consideration process. The best part about affiliate websites is that you need to carry no stock, there is no postage to worry about, and no customers to communicate with. All that is done by the seller or owner of the product you are advertising.

So to sum up, an Amazon affiliate website is one that sells products or services that you earn commission from.


2/ Getting up and running.

This is a fairly simple process and not nearly as expensive as it was say 5 years ago. There are plenty of companies and sites that offer Amazon Affiliate setups and of coarse we are one of them.

But in this post we shall tell you how to do it as opposed to pushing our packages.


The first and MOST important decision you need to make is “what products do I promote”. In other words your niche. I can not stress to you enough the importance of this as it will make the deference between success and failure. Your site will need a lot of SEO (search engine optimisation) work with manual input from you in the way of reviews, guides, and blog posts.

So for example if you do not like cats and dogs why on earth would you promote pet food or pet carriers on a pet website. You will need to be passionate or at least interested in the type of product you are about to advertise. Test your self now with pen and paper. Decide on something you do not like and try and write a 200 word positive review or guide. I bet you can’t,  your visitors are looking for a reason to buy from you. If you can not make them feel good and positive about buying from you they will simply move on.

Another thing to consider is a niche inside a niche, lets for arguments sake presume you are passionate about gaming.

Gaming is a massive niche,and that means massive competition to get your site noticed and ranked on search engines. So lets look for a more specific type of product. I play games myself a bit and after my console and my games the next biggest expense is replacing broken headsets and controllers. So why not concentrate on accessories.

Domain Name

So now you have your niche and are ready to create and build your site. The first thing you will need is a domain name, again a hugely important factor to consider, after all if you are promoting xbox accessories you are not going to want your domain name as are you. So consider carefully before you purchase a domain name. We use and are happy to recommend Namecheap as your domain name supplier.


Web Hosting is again pretty cheap and if you are happy to start out with one site then a simple shared hosting plan will work fine for you. Once again we are happy to recommend Nnamecheap.

Most shared hosting has the ability to one click install WordPress.


So you now have your domain and website up on the big WWW – Congrats!


3/ Tips for success

The biggest tip I can give you for success providing you have followed what has been said above is SEO. Gone are the days of dropping a few links on Twitter and Facebook and watching the sales role in. Granted you may get a few sales from doing that but the real profit is in search engines.

And it is not easy to get on the first page of Google I can assure you.

Promoting your site

When you hear the words promote and advertising most people think of placing adverts on sites or in sponsored search engine listings. But these ways of promoting do not work as well as they used to and certainly not for Amazon Affiliate Sites.

The word “Content” is gold now. In my opinion the more content you have the more the search engines like you, BUT there are a few rules to follow.

Your content must be:

  • Unique
  • Relevant
  • SEO Friendly

Unique – Copy and paste will only harm your ranking as Google and other engines check for this, so write unique content.

Relevant – Be sure that what you write reflects what you are trying to promote.

SEO Friendly – Make sure that what you post is what search engine like, there are lots of WordPress plugins that help with this.

WordPress is perfect for content as essentially it is still a blog. No matter what you have done to it either with themes, widgets, or plugins you will still have the “new post” option… so use it!

  • Write reviews about your products in your own unique way.
  • If your product is complicated simply buy it and create a guide for it.
  • Selling similar products ? Create a comparison post

The list goes on and on. Content, content, and more content.

Email Marketing

A hugely under valued promotion tool. Direct email marketing is proven to work with a higher click through rate than any other form of marketing.

Why ? Its simple because to have obtained someones email address and there consent to use it. They were obviously interested in what you are offering.

Again if you do not like cats and dogs, you will not sign up to email marketing on a pet site will you.

There are plenty of newsletter and email marketing plugins available for WordPress so use them.

Lastly make your site visibly pleasing. Use images and place content in the correct place.


More help in setting up WordPress as an Amazon Affiliate Store

Web Hosting with us


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