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Affiliate Website Sales Information

If you have purchased an Affiliate Website from us this is what will happen next.

If applicable the first thing we will do simply because it takes the longest is purchase you a new domain name that matches the niche you have bought.

The new domain name can and sometimes does take up to 48 hrs to go live on the internet, but in the mean time behind the scenes we will be creating you a hosting account and building the site.

You will receive an email from us asking you to do the following:

  • Setup an Amazon Affiliate account ( we need your affiliate ID to add products to your new website )
  • Create an account where we registered your new domain name ( so we can pass ownership of the domain to you )

The email will contain full instructions and links to complete the above.

Please note that if you have a domain name or an idea for what domain name you would like please inform us immediately.




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