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What we do, and how we do it.

Hi there, in this post I will go over what we do here at Amazon Income.

Our main and primary goal is to create great looking and fully functioning websites that connect to Amazon market place products.

Whats the purpose of this I hear you ask, well its simple really… “To Make Money”.

Amazon offers an affiliate account where by if you sale a product that they have listed you will earn a commission on the sale, the commission paid varies per category from 0% to 10% for example if you sold an item that Amazon has listed in their “PC, PC Components, DVD & Blu-Ray” category you would receive a commission of 2.50% on the other hand if you listed a product from the “Furniture, Home, Home Improvement, Lawn & Garden, Pets Products, Pantry” category you would get 8.00% per sale.

So the above shows you why we do it, the how we do it gets a little more complicated. In short we utilise WordPress and some really cool themes and plugins to achieve a great looking webstore that is populated with Amazon products that will earn YOU commission.

We have written a tutorial on how to create a site just like the one shown in the image, and have given approximate costs for completing the process but please note we do not supply support or help if you go it alone and as you can see the costings are more than we sale our complete start up package for. (The image is clickable and will take you to the actual site)



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